Wesley Mendy. Dan Bearpark. Both driven by a dual passion to create events that possess a singular thematic which helps improve the lives of event organisers, and the people and environment around them.

Events that reach out to a specific demographic.

Events that deliver on a demand shouting across the rooftops.

There is no bigger issue than sustainability that our World faces right now.

The increasing demand from event organisers within corporations, industrials, and governments is evermore pressured to deliver on defined targets and produce sustainable events.

Event suppliers are witnessing a new norm: event briefs unequivocally setting sustainability at the top of their criteria.

Where do event planners go to meet the suppliers who can match their needs for delivering sustainable events? All roads led to the creation of The Sustainable Events Show.

Wesley mendy

Wesley’s background is steeped in event and hospitality, beginning in the late 80’s working in hotel silver service and also the co-management of VIP areas for high profile celebrities at world title boxing events like Benn vs Eubank. A spell in the mid to late 90’s saw Wesley develop a reputation for successfully launching new publications, including Women’s Health. This experience led to venturing out on his own to launch Prestige Events magazine, which in turn led to the creation of spin-off events such as the top-trending COOL Venue Awards, The HOT 50 Awards and The 20/20 Club’s series of industry-leading speed networking events.

dan bearpark

Dan has been in the events and hospitality industry for over 20 years.

Dan has always been fuelled by a passion to create events that carry a strong thematic. Events that directly bring together likeminded parties.

Recognised by his peers for his renowned ability to design unique b2b models that directly assist clients' strategies, and resultingly, the performance of their sales and marketing teams.